Grahame will ensure football is a game for the many, not the few

Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Easington, Grahame Morris, is enthusiastically backing the Labour Party’s manifesto commitment to ensure five per cent of the Premier League’s domestic and international television rights income is diverted to the grassroots game.

The pledge will help the next generation of players and coaches by drastically improving facilities and pitches across the country.

Labour have also committed to working with train operating companies, broadcasters and clubs to develop a new ‘Flexible Football Ticket’ so that fans experience minimal disruption when games are inevitably switched over the course of a season.

This will stop fans being left with worthless train tickets and having to fork out again for new tickets when games are re-arranged at short notice.

Labour’s manifesto also commits to:

Put fans at the heart of their clubs – by legislating for accredited supporters trusts to be able to appoint and remove at least two club directors and to purchase shares when clubs change hands. Labour will also review fan participation in sports governance more widely.
Fix the broken ticketing market – by enforcing anti-bot legislation and implementing the recommendations of the Waterson review to ensure fair opportunities for fans to buy tickets
Improve access provision for disabled sports fans – by ensuring that rapid improvements are made and by prioritising action to make clubs comply with obligations under the 2010 Equality Act.
Ensure that investment and support is given to grassroots women’s football so as many women and girls as possible can benefit from participating in football.

Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Easington Grahame Morris said:

“The English Premier League is the wealthiest football league in the world by some distance, and it’s time football supporters and the broader community got a fairer deal in terms of tickets, fan participation and flexible train tickets.

“Labour will ensure the footballing talent of young girls and boys is harnessed, and football is a game for the many, not the few”.