Labour pledges to protect Firefighers!

Easington Labour Candidate met firefighters during a campaign visit at Peterlee Fire Station on Tuesday 16th May.

The manifesto, published yesterday, confirmed that Labour will recruit at least 3,000 new frontline firefighters. Give fire services in England a statutory duty to tackle flooding and guarantee that Police and Crime Commissioners will not be given control over fire services.

Labour will also abolish the public sector pay cap that has meant firefighters are on average £2000 worse off than they were in 2010.

Speaking about cuts to frontline services and attacks on staff pay, pensions and conditions, Mr Morris said the country faced a stark choice at the election, he said:

“In little over three weeks the country faces a choice. I do not believe our public services can afford another five years of a Tory government.

Fire deaths have risen for the first time in 20 years since the Tories came to power, and response times to emergencies are getting slower. The service is in crisis and the Tories don’t have a plan to save it.

Labour are the safe pair of hands who will deliver a properly resourced fire service to protect public safety. Jeremy Corbyn offers real change which has not been seen for a generation. He wants to tilt the balance in favour of those who for to long have been rejected and overlooked by a political establishment.

Labour’s manifesto will deliver seismic change for our country, if we do not grasp the opportunity now, it may take a long time before we get the chance to create real, positive change.”