Theresa May backs the return of fox hunting- I do not!

Theresa May has restored the Tories reputation as the nasty party. She has called for a return of fox hunting and if elected will deliver a vote in Parliament.

Conservative peer Lord Mancroft, Chairman of the Council of Hunting Associations, said a Tory victory with a majority of 50 MPs would be a real opportunity to repeal the Hunting Act.

The heinous act of fox hunting is barbaric, completely unnecessary and firmly belongs in the history books.

Easington Labour Candidate Grahame Morris said:

“I am worried. Fox hunting is a horrific type of animal cruelty, plain and simple.

I am appalled that the Prime Minister would support the return of fox hunting, it is yet another reason we need to stop Theresa May returning to Downing Street.

I am proud of Labour’s record on animal welfare and banning fox hunting.  There is no place in a civilised society for such a cruel bloodsport and the Prime Minister views on this matter are simply out of step in modern Britain.

The only way to protect animal welfare and maintain the hunting ban is to vote Labour on the 8th June”   

Labour has a long record of achievement in protecting and promoting animal welfare. We must work towards ending unnecessary suffering of animals and Labour are offering a real alternative to the cruelty and inaction we have seen from the Government over the past seven years.

The Hunting Act is one of Labour’s most popular and successful pieces of animal welfare legislation and we must protect it from being repealed by the Tories.